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Multi caméras production

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Multicamera interactive videos
for a better e-learning experience



omnilive interactive multicamera videos
omnilive interactive multicamera videos
omnilive interactive multicamera videos
omnilive interactive multicamera videos
omnilive interactive multicamera videos


omnilive interactive multicamera videos 269 hours of online courses
omnilive interactive multicamera videos 516 videos produced
omnilive interactive multicamera videos 2560 visitors
omnilive interactive multicamera videos 5000 in $ saved / hour produced

*Source UPMC - period from 09/2016 - 02/2017

The Omnilive Experience


omnilive interactive multicamera videos

An innovative, intuitive and tactile experience

Better e-learning with a playful and immersive tool

With Omnilive film a course with several cameras and put it online in just a few clicks : you have access to 4 angles of view in a single interactive video to retranscribe the classroom experience accurately.

Your students dispose of a customized e-learning tool : they change instantly the viewpoint, at their own rythme and according to their learning needs, in live or VOD.

omnilive interactive multicamera videos

Four simultaneous synchronized video sources

Enhance your e-learning courses with multicaméra videos

According to MIT professors, proposing 4 interactive points of view is a minimum. With Omnilive, choose the viewpoints that best suit your discipline: cameras, computer screens, data-visualization tools or slides.

Omnilive is a unique software solution on the market. Based on a patented and innovative graphic process, Omnilive enables switching between video sources on a single video player from a simple touch of the finger, the sound remaining synchronized at all times.

omnilive interactive multicamera videos

With Omnilive, move toward post-diffusion-production

Create and share your knowledge, automate the rest

Omnilive processes all video streams automatically, from capture to upload. All the images captured are made available to the student, who selects himself the angle of view he wants to put forward.

Omnilive streamlines your production time and costs. A single person can administer remotely several Omnilive systems installed in different sites.

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How It Works

omnilive interactive multicamera videos

A lightweight solution
for capturing and recording in one click

Omnilive is the only system that enables you to use as many angles as you want. No audiovisual expertise is necessary because teaching is your craft.

omnilive interactive multicamera videos

Streamline video production costs

Omnilive breaks an economic boundary in the production of e-learning videos. Rapidly produce as many multicamera interactive videos as you want without additional cost or expertise.

omnilive interactive multicamera videos

Direct publishing to your LMS

Manage your fleet of Omnilive systems from a single web interface, organise your multicamera videos from a library, moderate and curate at your pace, and receive the publishable links by email.

omnilive interactive multicamera videos

A license and services
tailored to your needs

We help you conceive your e-learning video program and offer flexible annual licenses of the Omnilive software.

"Three clics to program a recording,
two to publish into our LMS.
In between, Omnilive takes care of everything."

Philippe d'Arco - Professor at University Pierre-et-Marie-Curie / Sorbonne University

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